Quality & Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control units act as the heart of our company and we never make any compromises when it comes to quality.

Our ISO 9001-2008 quality system has TUV certificate. We can adapt to our customers’ quality concepts easily and fast. We give high importance to our quality control personnel training, on time calibrations and right investments in quality control equipment. We know that if we cannot measure we cannot manufacture.

WPS ISO-9001 Mechine List

Goal «Zero Error»

Medsav understands its customers’ present and future requirements and we adjust ourselves to find cost-effective solutions and improve productivity with the goal of zero mistakes.

We focus on quality improvement and address challenges within our organization to increase productivity and competitiveness, and lower scrap and rework costs. We never stop until the source of the problem is found, and we love challenges. Our work concept is Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control in order to provide our customers the best quality with the most efficient manufacturing solutions and best price.


We trust our quality equipments, but most of all, we trust our team.

​ We take 100% care of our quality control systems and calibrate them according to all necessary standards in order to preserve our manufacturing instruments in the same conditions they were the very first day. We have hundreds of quality control equipments that are being used with great care in order to report only the most accurate results.


All our relationships are based on mutual trust. Therefore all information trusted to us by our clients is safe with us.

Mutual trust means everything to us. It is important that our customers trust us and we always do our best to earn their confidence. We believe that «shared knowledge is bigger knowledge».

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