Our goal is to quickly response our customers’ needs and deliver the order in time with the best possible quality.

All of our machining department personnel is experienced CAD and CAM users. This gives us full control over cellular manufacturing model and makes it possible to operate different machines at the same time separately. We use the latest manufacturing methods, software, machinery and tools. We machine mainly steel, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium and super alloy.

Sheet Metal

Since the beginning we have been a loyal partner to our customers in providing solutions in sheet metal processing.

All bending and shaping of aluminum and alloy steel take place in house. Thanks to our experienced engineers we are capable of designing, planning and manufacturing big quantities of sheet metal parts. Also designing sheet metal assemblies as well as riveting, spot-welding and welding is our area of expertise.


We are specialized in TIG welding, MIG welding, Spot welding and brazing.

For TIG and MIG welding we follow necessary Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) that cover a wide range of materials of different thickness. We design our own welding machines and determine welding order according to the complexity of the parts to avoid mismatch and deformation. We easily manage and manufacture small, big, complex or miscellaneous parts according to our customers’ standards and needs. We have the ability to perform NDT tests in house and outsource DT tests.


We are capable of overcoming complex assemblies as well as manufacturing subparts of those assemblies.

Thanks to our expert engineers we can easily manage to compose complex assemblies. For coating, painting, bolts, nuts and installation elements such as inserts, studs and springs we use our approved subcontractor partners. All workmanship such as riveting, sealing, crimping and fitting is done according to MIL standards. We preform leakage, pressure and other similar tests according to our customers’ standards and needs.

Wire Rope Pressing

Medsav has the capability to press and crimp wire ropes.

Miscellaneous fittings can be pressed and crimped into different sizes of wire ropes. We also design wire ropes with fittings for different uses and test their performance.

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