Who are we ?

Medsav provides reliable, efficient and professional manufacturing and designing solutions to business markets, where safety, quality and tangible results justify investments. We manufacture and find inovative solutions to our customers using our hightech equipment and well traind personel. 

We host many different manufacturing prosesses in house which allows us to provide vast range of capabilities for our customers and we use this advantage to overcome copetitions. 


MEDSAV has shaped itself to respond different customer requests. Regardless the quantity and complexity of the parts we can easly adapted spesific workflows and procedures as well as speacial customer needs. Our machining, sheet metal, welding and manufacturing techniques provide a great advantage to our customers and we provide high quality parts with on time delivery.


MEDSAV annually produces approximately 1.200 different parts and 14.000 total pieces items. 95% of the parts which are produced were successfully passed the quality control of its customers. Continious improvment of our quality control systems we are aiming 99,9% success.  We never give up our principlas based on etchical business terms and mutal trust in establishig strategic relationships with our customers.


We give importance to our employees as much as we give importance to our customers. We have two occupational health and safety expert working for us and they give nessesary tranings to our staff to minimize the risks and increase safety. We provide our employees training in both personal and technical developments. Our goal is to comply our employees with  ethical and environmental rules and cultivate successful elements to run this process for many years under the roof MEDSAV.

Board of Directors


Chief Business Development Officer - CBDO


Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Cenk Türkmen

Chief Operating Officer - COO

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